If your child has been diagnosed with a specific medical condition, your child’s doctor is always the most appropriate source of information and advice. Additional, high quality information can be obtained from various medical websites. Trustworthy sites I regularly recommend to my patients for additional information on diseases are:

www.nhs.uk (British website)
www.mayoclinic.org (US website)
www.rch.org.au (Australian website)

But that still leaves all the uncovered territory in between: information and advice on general topics such as feeding your child solids, sleep training, dental hygiene, and advice on common childhood conditions such as constipation and colic. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation, usually by well-meaning laypersons with no medical experience.

The concept of this site is to provide well researched, medically sound advice, backed up by over 15 years of personal medical experience, and the knowledge gleaned by raising three kids of my own, to help you make reasonable, evidence based judgements of your own.